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Update May 20, 2015

Hojokashima, Matsuyama

A small island just off the coast of Matsuyama. Reached by a small ferry, the island has a swimming beach and a lookout. It is also known for its many wild deer.

Ushi-oni festival, Uwajima

One of the most unique festivals in Shikoku, held every July. Held up by a crowd of local people, the mythical ushi-oni parades through the streets, shaking its long neck.

Niihama Taiko Festival, Niihama

One of the three major festivals in Shikoku, along with the "Awaodori" and "Yosakoi" festivals. Floats laden with taiko drums compete for followers in an event known as "kakikurabe".

Matsuyama Dogo autumn festival, Matsuyama

Held in front of Dogo Onsen station, this exciting festival features the "hachi-awase", also known as the "portable shrine fight", in which two mikoshi, or portable shrines collide.

Z-1 Gran Prix floor-wiping race, Seiyo

In this unique race, held in the Uwa Rice Museum, an former school building with an impressive hallway – said to be the longest in Japan – participants compete for speed while cleaning the floor with a cloth.

Ozu Castle

Said to be built in 1331, but restored more accurately to its original form in 2004.